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Great and friendly staffs, Experienced and meticulous dentist. Bright and inviting clinic. Modern equipment, what else can you asks for? The team and the facility are better than the place I go to in San Francisco, CA…Thank you for your kind help and attention!

-Andreas Budi Dharmawan, San Francisco, USA

The service was terrific, the Doctor and Staff quite professional and eloquent in their (Often illustrated) explanations. Moreover, their sincerity, ethics and aesthetic sensibilities may be found and pondered over on their walls as well as on one’s choppers. Great job!

- David James Woodadrd, USA

Thank you for making all my teeth in such a short time .You gave me back.Some "life comfort"-much better with filled, fixed and clean teeth. This clinic is very friendly and comfortable and probably this is the first time in my life that I felt comfortable in dental chair. After this treatment I can go out with nice smile again……….

-Malini, Germany

Thank you for making an experience which I normally hate and turning at into a very pleasant one. You will be recommended.

- David LaRock, Postgangen, Souna, Sweden

Thanks for the friendly service. I would highly recommend this clinic to everybody. Well done!

- Mariana Stopkova, Hunter Street, Australia

Enjoyed the personnel kind atmosphere. Thank you for everything. Very professional.

- Thomas James O’Shaughnessy, Colorado, USA

The service was really good as well as all the people here. Keep up the good work.

- Kala Gurung

This clinic is very nice. Doctors are really friendly and treat us really nice. Clinic is clean plus it’s decorated with awesome paintings. Thanks to all the staffs.

- Journey Pradhan

Doctor was good while treating with the patient. The hospitality was excellent and was very familiar. I suggest others to do the treatment from Dent-Inn.

- Bijendra Shrestha

I feel young Doctor can do better as they have trained in a new technology and have feeling to serve better to patent. Equipment is good and felt more is Doctor’s behavior and the way she treats with the patient and do job properly in short, Excellent!

- Ravi Poudel

Very informative talk with Doctor during procedures. Highly impressed by the ambience and cordiality of the clinic staff.

- Sameer Singh

Dent-Inn is very clean and divinely decorated. I had a very good experience and would like to thank all the staff.

-Amar Gurung

Very pleasing atmosphere, efficient and friendly service and yes, good value. Thank you!

-Daniel Reid

Very clean, very friendly environment, very satisfied and very pretty Dentist! Overall Thanks.

-Shubu Thapa

Very nice and pleasant environment very good service and very helpful and smiling people very Good Job! Thank you!!

-Moksheda Thapa Hekel

Excellent Service, Economical, Friendly, Systematic, Good Ambiance, what else you require? Keep it up. Thank you.

-Kishan Agrawal

Wish there was such a clinic, dentist & staff back home. I hope I get another reason to come before leaving, 5 stars, perfect Fang Shui!

-David Rangdrol, Sweden

As painless as painlessness.

-Nripal Adhikary

The most enjoyable dental experience I have had! Thank you.

-Nicholas Terman Davies, Yorkshine, UK

Nice place, good dental service wonderful experience. Learnt more about my teeth because of this treatment. Thanks!

-Rajiv Pradhan

Thank you so much for your patience! I wish you could be our dentist in Germany. For any problems we will always want to come back to this very-very good place.

-Mario Francke & Ann, Germany

I had visited many other clinics for dental treatment but I found Dent-Inn the most comfortable one with caring environment. When I am here I don't fee that I am for medical check-up.

-Namrata Dhakal

Visiting this dental clinic has been a wonderful experience for me. The staff "Sonam" and even the tea girl are nice, helpful and friendly-the décor and music is soothing. Most important of all is Dr. Prabigya whose hands I find very steady. She's soft spoken and an incredible dentist. I'm ready to recommend her to all my acquaintances too. Best of luck goes to her endeavor.

-Laxmi Moktan

This dental clinic has got a wonderful environment and also has a very friendly bunch of staff. Dr.Prabigya is a very nice and warm dentist, made me feel easy.

-Palvee Lama

It is my pleasure to get the best of the treatment from Dent-Inn- The Dental Clinic. The best part is that everyone in Dent-Inn smiles and makes the patient smile. Name should rather be Smile-Inn replacing the name Dent-Inn.☺ Good Luck for your future avenue. I like the clinic. Loved to be your patient.

-Sanip Lal Shrestha

What to write! Perfect place for dental treatment very friendly staffs, doctors, what a hospitality! I've sent one of my friend to Dent Inn (US citizen), after his treatment he invited me for dinner said, & I've never seen such a nice place, people instruments for dental treatment even in USA.

-Raju Dhakal

I never thought coming to Dentist will be so exciting for my child.  "DENT INN" is really the best.

-Preeti Khemka 

Never thought visiting Doctor could be so comfortable.Well, enjoyed the hospitality provided by Dent Inn's staff. Lavish & exquisite environment. Would love to see it grow to accommodate more people, which I  believe is inevitable due to the quality of service provided. I hope Dent Inn's staffs would endeavor to provide the same kind of service in future as they provided today.

-Nirmal Das Shrestha

Impressed by the helpfulness of the staffs.Curative, attentive doctors, quite atmosphere & cleanliness of the clinic. Doctors are very attentive to patients, give lots of time and listen to the problems of patients. I will recommend others to visit here.

-Emojani Shrestha

It is safe to say that this has been the best medical procedure I've gone through. State-of-the art equipment, coupled with very friendly staff makes Dent Inn one of a kind in Kathmandu. And one of most interesting thing, that is unique to Dent Inn, I found, was the fantastic choice of music,especially I like the Cranberries.Thank you very much.

-Parag Satyal

It’s a very cool environment vast different from other clinic (Unique).One thing I loved most is friendly and co-operative members as well as Doctors.

-Nabin Shrestha

It was good and satisfying experience.The environment is cozy, homely and quite different from other dental offices.

-Tamanna Banu

Nice to get a good clinic which have sharp timing with good service, Thank you.

-Purna Kumar Shrestha

One of its kinds.A true refreshing and sparkling experience.Quite satisfying.

-Pravesh Agrawal

A most excellent dental adventure.This was probably one of the top 5 clinics I have been to Recommend to all and hopefully will be here and the same when I return next time.

-Samip Jung Khadka

Very satisfying.No complains at all.The treatments are very well done.It's best and reasonable. Dr Prabigya is a very good consultant. I'll come back again.........whenever I find a problem with my teeth. All the best.

- Jeny Shrestha

I found whole Dent-Inn member co-operative and very helpful. The most which I liked about this clinic is its homely treatment environment. The proper appointment is the best factor of this clinic. Because of this patients don't need to wait for several hours for their turn to get treatment. The patient treatment record is the good facilities over here. Lastly, patients whoever got treatment here usually don't need to go elsewhere for any kind of treatment.

-Sher Bahadur Gurung


-Suraj Shakya,trekking guide

Very beautiful environment.Friendly Doctor & Staff.We can get some peace of mind.On the whole…..EXCELLENT!

-Mr.& Mrs. Shane Collins,Teacher at montessori school

A breath of fresh air, friendly, soothing, warm, professional, reasonable price, a nice place to come for your dental needs.

- Bikrant Pradhan, Pilot Buddha Air

Clean, good facilities, reasonable cost. SOPHISTICATED "DENT INN" one of the best dental clinic in Kathmandu.

- T.S. Rai, Sports Council

Very well organized, hygienic and homely environment. Reasonable price.

- Sangita Thapa

Its nice to have such a wonderful treatment. So far so good. Keep this status as long as you serve.

- Pujan Raj Regmi

It was a good experience to get relief of teeth problem in this clinic. Clinic is highly equipped, and there is no place to point any negative comment on their service as well as on their facilities.

- Niraj Banskota

Exclusively a complete dental clinic with peaceful and cozy atmosphere. Neat and smart staff off course very co-operative too. Hats off! Dr Prabigya for initiating and propagating oral health awareness in a true sense.

- Dr Shree Shrestha

Can't compare the quality, ambience and care. Recommend to all. Be there once if you haven't till now.

- Shagun Basnet

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Thank you for making all my teeth in such a short time .You gave me back.Some "life comfort"-much better with filled, fixed and clean teeth. This clinic is very friendly and comfortable and probably this is the first time in my life that I felt comfortable in dental chair. After this treatment I can go out with nice smile again……….

-Malini, Germany