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Dental Tourism in Nepal for Travelers & Tourists

Dental treatments are expensive abroad. However, we fail to remember that Dentists in Nepal are much cheaper. For many, it has become a common habit to go to a dentist while visiting Nepal. Though traveling just for the treatment might not be suitable at all times, getting an affordable dental treatment while in Nepal can be a good pocket saver.

We have listed answers to some of the questions you might have.

Why is it wise to get Dental treatment at Dent Inn while I am on a holiday?

Cost! Cost! and Cost! The treatment prices at Dent Inn will sound so reasonable that you would want to increase your length of stay so that you can complete all your dental needs while you are here.

How much will I be saving through Dental Tourism?

Depending upon the country you come from, you can save from 75% to as much as 90% of the cost back home. To know how much you can save please write to with the services you need.

I am worried about quality. Will cost saving mean quality loss in any way?

No! We do not compromise on any quality. We provide the international standard services and use the same equipment and materials as used in your country. We also provide a high degree of sterilization and infection control in our clinic. 

I have heard sterilization is poor in Nepal. How do you maintain the sterilization?  

While general hospitals here maintain a low sterilization level, we have strict guidelines and follow an international level of sterilization and infection control. We follow guidelines and protocols from USA and UK for sterilization and infection control. Till date we have not faced a single number of cross-infection complications in our clinic.  

Where do your dental materials come from?

We use only imported materials from developed countries with world class manufacturers like Dentsply, Shofu, GC, 3M etc.  

What kind of water do you use for mouth washing and other clinical procedures?

We use an ISO certified bottled water in all clinical procedures.

So why is the service cheaper then?

The cost of basic living in Nepal is much cheaper than in most countries around the world. As a result the labour cost is cheaper too. The cost of running a business and business overheads are much lower too. The cost of SAME quality equipments and SAME materials are also cheaper here than in other parts of the world. As a result we can provide the service in much lower rates than the rest of the world.

Will I ruin my holiday schedule? 

No. We will schedule your appointments in such a way that it will not effect your pre-scheduled holiday. We will keep all your appointments in your free days. 

What sort of payment options do you have?  

We accept cash in all exchangeable currencies and major credit and debit cards (Master Card and Visa).  

I need to plan my holiday schedule. Do you schedule appointments prior to my visit? 

Our representative will be working with you to coordinate the appointments so that they do not effect your holiday schedule. If you need to pre-schedule your appointments you can write to and our representative will schedule appointments according to your holiday schedule.  

Here is what some of our International patients had to say about us

Great and friendly staffs, Experienced and meticulous dentist. Bright and inviting clinic. Modern equipment, what else can you asks for?The team and the facility are better than the place I go to in San Francisco, CA…Thank you for your kind help and attention!
-Andreas Budi Dharmawan - USA

Thank you for making all my teeth in such a short time. You gave me back Some "life comfort"-much better with filled, fixed and clean teeth. This clinic is very friendly and comfortable and probably this is the first time in my life that I felt comfortable in dental chair. After this treatment I can go out  with nice smile again……….
-Ms. Malani Esfandiary 

Wish there was such a clinic,dentist & staff back home. I hope I get another reason to come before leaving, 5 stars, perfect Fang Shui!
-Mr. David Rangdrol

The service was terrific, the Doctor and Staff quite professional and eloquent in their (Often illustrated) explanations. Moreover, their sincerity, ethics and aesthetic sensibilities may be found and pondered over on their walls as well as on one’s choppers. Great job!
-David James Woodard

Here are some more of what our international patients say about us: 

Dent Inn- thanks awfully for the work you did on my new crown! I know there were time constraints but you delivered a fantastic service in a remarkably quick time! I shall be spreading the word on my return to the UK & do hope you receive an influx of extremely grateful British clients!Thanks again!-Mr. John Forbes

Very thankful for emergency help and then very professionals from the receptionist to the doctor.
-Mr. Mogans Larsen

I very much enjoyed being looked after by so many beautiful women. I will let you know about the movie.
-Mr. Jamie Shaw

Eye for details of the dentist.
-Mr. Jan De Groot

Thank you so much for your patience! I wish you could be our dentist in Germany. For any problems we will always want to come back to this very-very good place.
-Mario Francke & Ann

The most enjoyable dental experience I have had! Thank you.
-Mr. Nicholas Terman Davies

Super clean, high tech, like a dental clinic of the future.Great service and my teeth feel shiny fresh clean!
-Mr. Yushi Morimoto

Bell Ahbiente, Tutto pulito e gemili… Molto professionali Gralie Mille .Good Ambience, all clean and professional worker. Very good job. Thanks a lot!
-Mr. Riccardo Villa

Thank you very much. The treatment was exactly, what I needed.
-Ms. Stephanie Gauger

Thank you very much. I felt like I was visiting friends a very good experience.
-Jenny Fraker,USA

Very pleasing atmosphere, efficient and friendly service and yes, good value. Thank you!
-Daniel Reid

Enjoyed the personnel kind atmosphere. Thank you for everything. Very professional.
-Thomas James O’Shaughnessy

Thank you for making an experience which I normally hate and turning at into a very pleasant one. You will be recommended.
-David LaRock

Thanks for the friendly service. I would highly recommend this clinic to everybody. Well done!
-Mariana Stopkova, Australia



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Very satisfying.No complains at all.The treatments are very well done.It's best and reasonable. Dr Prabigya is a very good consultant. I'll come back again.........whenever I find a problem with my teeth. All the best.

- Jeny Shrestha