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In my front teeth, there are some hair-like vertical cracks. They were there from last two years.

These cracks can be crazing of enamel. Crazes happen because of the differences between the thermal expansion of the enamel and the underlying dentin. When a person switches quickly between eating and drinking hot and cold foods, these two components expand and contract at slightly different rates, causing cracks in the more brittle outer layer of enamel. The underlying dentin is less brittle and does not crack. Since the enamel and the dentin are bonded to each other, there is no danger of the enamel or the tooth breaking. If you do not like it esthetically, you can cover them with white fillings.

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The service was terrific, the Doctor and Staff quite professional and eloquent in their (Often illustrated) explanations. Moreover, their sincerity, ethics and aesthetic sensibilities may be found and pondered over on their walls as well as on one’s choppers. Great job!

- David James Woodadrd, USA