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My child has a habit of sucking fingers? How can he leave this habit?

Thumb sucking is a common and an adaptive habit in infancy and early childhood. However prolonged thumb sucking habit beyond 4 years of age can result in development of jaw deformities and teeth irregularities. Children tend to suck their thumb when they are tired, bored, under stress or in need of comfort. You should play some psychological techniques such as reminder therapy, distraction therapy, and reward systems for the correction of this habit. If this does not work, you can use some preventive measures such as placing a bandage around the thumb or a dental appliance that fits in the mouth. If your child develops deformities and irregularities due to this habit he should wear braces to correct his problem.

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The service was terrific, the Doctor and Staff quite professional and eloquent in their (Often illustrated) explanations. Moreover, their sincerity, ethics and aesthetic sensibilities may be found and pondered over on their walls as well as on one’s choppers. Great job!

- David James Woodadrd, USA