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Since few weeks,there has been mild bleeding in my gums

The most common reason for bleeding of gums is poor oral hygiene. When one does not maintain oral hygiene properly, plaque and tartar get accumulated in teeth surfaces. They allow bacteria and food debris to get accumulated. All together they produce some toxic substance leading to decayed tooth and inflamed gums which bleed when touched.

You will need to go to the dentist and have your teeth and gums cleaned. This is known as scaling. While scaling solves your problem for now, maintaining your oral hygiene is important to avoid such situation to arise again. If you fail to remove plaque and tartar again, the problem will be back. For that you will need to brush and floss properly and regularly.

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Itís a very cool environment vast different from other clinic (Unique).One thing I loved most is friendly and co-operative members as well as Doctors.

-Nabin Shrestha