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I broke my incisor (front tooth)

I understand that smiling with a broken front tooth must be embarrassing for you. However, you should be happy that the problem like yours is easily solved at dental clinics. There are various options, which we can suggest only after proper evaluation of your teeth.

If you have only lost a small part of your tooth , simple addition of tooth colour filling material or covering with crown or veneer is enough. If the fracture part is more leaving a small part of the tooth left, the broken structure might need to be removed followed by an artificial replacement by bridge.

You need not worry, as this addition can be very similar to the original tooth in appearance and strength. Your urgent need currently is to have the tooth checked by a dentist. 

Schedule an appointment at dent-inn to solve your problem. 

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It was good and satisfying experience.The environment is cozy, homely and quite different from other dental offices.

-Tamanna Banu