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My old fractured filling starts paining

To understand your problem better, let me tell you a bit about the tooth. Tooth has three layers from inside to outside of which the innermost has nerves and vessels. The other two protect this layer. When the cavity is with in the outermost layer, it is not painful and simple filling is enough. If the cavity extends to the middle layer you might start getting sensitive to hot and cold foods. So fillings at this level may help to reduce the symptoms. When the cavity is left unattended and it touches the innermost layer, tooth becomes very painful. In a condition like this, tooth needs to be treated with root canal treatment.

When your filling got fractured, you might have left that tooth untreated for a long period, which may have caused the cavity to become deeper. This might have caused the second filling to be painful. I suggest you to do a clinical examination at our office. With proper evaluation, we will be able to suggest if you need a root canal treatment.

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Very beautiful environment.Friendly Doctor & Staff.We can get some peace of mind.On the whole…..EXCELLENT!

-Mr.& Mrs. Shane Collins,Teacher at montessori school