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My child hates to brush.

Teaching, your child to brush and making him to love that is really a difficult task. The solution associated with this is more psychological than dental. Children tend to take brushing more as a chore than a necessity. It is not possible for us to make children understand the importance of brushing until they are a bit grown up and can understand some things about their body.
If your child hates brushing, you should try to make it a fun activity rather than a daily chore. Children imitate their parents on all activities. So if you start making brushing a fun activity, that will lead them to imitate it also.

Some of the methods which you can use are mentioned below.

  • Buy him a fancy brush which he may like. This may represent his favorite cartoon character or is pleasant playing with.
  • Your whole family can brush together, enjoying the activity, laughing and joking with each other, so that Chanez might think that it is fun
  • You can have your child brush your teeth at first and joke with him when he does that (as if playing with him). Then he can brush his teeth.
  • You and your spouse can go to the bathroom to brush and laugh out loud. This will make your child feel that he is missing the fun and will voluntarily come for brushing.

Other than the psychological factor, maybe the taste of the toothpaste is also not to his preference. Try using a tooth paste which he likes. I would also like to stress the use of Fluoridated toothpaste.

While brushing is the most important activity, one can lessen the decaying if one rinses the mouth each time they eat. So if your child still hates brushing after trying out the above ideas, have him rinse his mouth every time he takes chocolates or snacks. Put a condition upon him that he gets his perks only if he promises to rinse his mouth after having it. Please remember that this lessens the decaying factor but does not replace the brushing. So it is important to make him like brushing.

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