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One of my molar on which Root Canal Treatment was done, has broken.

It is normal for Root Canal Treatment (RCT) done tooth to be brittle and break. For this reason we always suggest a crown (artificial cover) after RCT. This prevents the tooth from breaking like in your case. You need not worry as it can still be crowned unless the remaining part is too small. Crowning is not very painful and you need not be scared. If crowning is not possible you can extract the problem tooth and get an artificial teeth (bridge) done over it. On a skilled dentist’s hand it will look as good as the original tooth.

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Thank you for making all my teeth in such a short time .You gave me back.Some "life comfort"-much better with filled, fixed and clean teeth. This clinic is very friendly and comfortable and probably this is the first time in my life that I felt comfortable in dental chair. After this treatment I can go out with nice smile again……….

-Malini, Germany