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Get to Know the Myth about Your Teeth

One young lady came to clinic with a severe gum problem. Her gums were red and swollen. Upon questioning her I found that she had given birth to a child 2 months back and was not allowed to brush her teeth for a month. Her in-laws believe that the roots (of the teeth) are weak after delivery and brushing will damage the teeth permanently. While they were trying to save her teeth, unfortunately they were doing quite the contrary. Even in an educated family like hers, myth like this are commonly found. Knowing whether a saying is a myth or a fact helps us in deciding and acting wisely.

Here are few common myths, knowing the facts of which might be beneficial for your oral health.

Myth: Removal (Extraction) of teeth affects the eyesight.  

Fact:Tooth removal has no relation with eye and its vision. While local anaesthesia given for the removal of the tooth might cause some numbness around the facial area, it disappears in about 3-4 hours.

Myth: Tooth loss is a part of aging.

Fact: Long back, dentistry was limited to curative procedures due to which one had no other option but to pull out the problematic tooth. This way most of the people had no teeth left when they reached their old age. But nowadays due to preventive and other operative procedure even a damaged tooth can be saved.

Myth: It's not important to take care of your child's baby teeth, because they're just going to fall out.

Fact: Negligence in taking care of the child's tooth can result into problems like early loss of baby tooth and decay causing pain to the child. Early loss of baby tooth can cause the shifting of the adjacent teeth into remaining space not allowing enough space for the permanent tooth to come into that space. Baby teeth also act as a space maintainer. So even though they got replaced later they should be taken care of.

Myth: If a toothache stops hurting the problem is gone.

Fact: People think that pain is the only problem that should be treated by a dentist. A damaged tooth usually stops aching only when the tooth's nerves die. While they don't pain, they might lead to an abscess formation requiring root canal treatment or removal of tooth.

Myth: Scaling (Cleaning) of teeth leads to enamel damage, forms gap in between teeth, weakens the gums and make teeth sensitive.

Fact: Scaling does not lead to enamel damage. It removes the hard calcified accumulates called "calculus" from tooth and root surface. This causes the patient feel like they have more gap in between their teeth. One might also feel extra sensitivity as the calculus covered surfaces get exposed by cleaning.

Myth: The best toothbrush is the hard toothbrush

Fact: Hard tooth brush damage tooth surface. These are more likely to cause the gums to pull away from the teeth and to abrade away tooth structure at the necks of the teeth. Use of softer brushes is recommended.

Myth: Root of the tooth becomes weak after giving birth and use of tooth brush will damage ones teeth.

Fact: During pregnancy and delivery a woman goes through hormonal changes which can cause swollen and puffy gums. But this does not mean that one has to stop brushing to protect her teeth. In fact situation might get worse by not brushing.

Myth: People with no cavities do not have to worry about losing their teeth.

Fact: In adults, cavities or tooth decay is not the primary cause of tooth loss, periodontal (gum) disease is. Periodontal disease attacks the gums and bone that support the teeth.

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The service was terrific, the Doctor and Staff quite professional and eloquent in their (Often illustrated) explanations. Moreover, their sincerity, ethics and aesthetic sensibilities may be found and pondered over on their walls as well as on one’s choppers. Great job!

- David James Woodadrd, USA