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Root Canal Treatment - Removal of infected nerves and filling of root

1. Root canal treatment is a procedure that we do normally with anesthetics. It will take 2 to 4 hours to recover from anesthetics. Until you get recover try avoiding eating and talking as you may hurt your lips and tongue.

2. This treatment may require multiple visits. The number of visits required depends upon the condition of that particular case and the progress of the treatment. We will tell you the required number of visits once we start the treatment. To have a better result, you should follow the appointment schedule as given.

3. You may experience sensitivity to pressure, sensitivity to hot/cold, soreness around the gum, mild discomfort or pain.

4. If you experience severe pain or swelling, please call at 9851073535 or 4241942.We may need to see you.

5. We may have used a temporary filling to seal the tooth. Until the final restoration is placed, be gentle with the tooth. Do not chew or bite from the treated tooth side. If we are doing treatment on both sides of your mouth eat only soft food. If temporary filling comes out, please call immediately at 4241942 for an appointment.

6. In some cases, pain medication may be necessary. If the medicine is not working effectively, please call us.

7. Continue your normal routine of brushing and flossing.

8. The treatment you have received has removed blood vessels from your tooth. The blood vessels were a source of moisture. Without moisture, your tooth becomes brittle and may fracture. So do not chew hard food from the Root Canal  treated tooth. A crown is necessary to prevent future loss due to possible fracture of the tooth.

9. Re-treatment may occasionally be necessary. Even though the pulp of the tooth was removed, the tooth is still nourished from surrounding tissues. As with any living tissue, treatment is occasionally unsuccessful and a re-treatment, or removal of the tooth, may be necessary.

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