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We follow a strict time based appointment system. To book yourself a time, call us at our clinic number (977-1) 4169141 or (977-1) 4169143. You can send us your text message at (977) 9843050990

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For appointments through email, pls email us at with your problem description and desired time for the appointment. Please allow 24-48 hours for confirmation on appointment request by email.  

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If you do not want to book an appointment but Ask some Questions instead, please email us at to reach the clinic. If you want to share your problem with the dentist, you can do so by visiting Ask the Dentist page.  

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Call (977-1) 4169141

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or drop by our Dental Clinic at
Heritage Plaza II, Kamaladi, Kathmandu, Nepal.
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10:00 AM till 7:00PM, Sunday to Friday.

What our patients say about the dentist and dental clinic.

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I feel young Doctor can do better as they have trained in a new technology and have feeling to serve better to patent. Equipment is good and felt more is Doctor’s behavior and the way she treats with the patient and do job properly in short, Excellent!

- Ravi Poudel